Online Education Course





Anyone with an interest to know more about Portuguese Wines can do this online course, which was put together by Wines of Portugal.

This course will always be available through the link and through the website Wines of Portugal where you can login and logout whenever you want, with modules and tests that you have already completed saved until a next login.

Portugal offers more opportunities for discovery than you could ever imagine, given the diversity of its 14 wine regions and their unique wines.

One of the oldest European countries, Portugal is distinguished by a multiplicity of terroirs, which are developed due to the geographical characteristics and its location on Europe's west coast.

Challenge your knowledge through six informative modules that cover a variety of topics related to the Portuguese wine sector, from history, wine regions, grape varieties, wine styles and food pairing.

Each module is followed by a multiple choice test/quiz.

You need to pass each one in order to progress to the next (a pass = 80%).

If you don’t succeed at your first attempt, you can go back and redo the test/quiz.

You will be able to save your session and login at another time.

The six modules’ presentations are downloadable.

A certificate of completion will be issued to you at the end of the course.